For the Kids

Shopping with the Kids


The holiday season is always a challenging one. Routine life is no different from any other time. There’s still homework, birthday parties, team sports, after school activities, work, laundry, etc. The only problem is that to all of this you must add preparing for some major parties, assuming you are hosting that is. If you’re not, please disregard and count your lucky stars.

The truth is I love this time of year, as stressful as it is. It is a wonderful time to teach the kids all about their heritage and to give them a primer or refresher on your culture. That’s why I take my kids shopping with me for food. And this is precisely when I like to hit the ethnic markets.

There are two in particular that we love. The first is D’España locate on Broome Street in Manhattan. Sometimes, after we leave Despaña, we visit PapaBubble, just a few blocks over. Originally from Barcelona, at PapaBubble you can purchase old fashioned and very artistic hard candy made right on premises. The second market we visit is Titan Foods on 31st Street in Queens. At the former we teach the girls about the Spanish background, and at the latter about their Greek heritage.

Now, understand me, it´s not easy taking the kids to the store. Most of the time mine get tired or cranky or silly and I have to shift my attention back and forth between the purchases and the food. But the way I see it, even trips to the market on the holidays can create great memories and impart great lessons.

Do you visit ethnic food markets around the holidays? Do you take the kids.


I was not compensated in any way for writing this article.