Heroine for a Night: Brave 3D


Last night I had the tremendous good fortune of attending one of the first screenings of the soon-to-be-classic Disney Pixar movie, Brave. Better yet, the gentleman who introduced the film informed the audience at AMC Kips Bay Theater that we were the first theater in NYC to see Brave in 3D. Last night, as the lights went down, I considered my life at that moment and was simply thankful for being so fortunate. But last night I was a heroine, too. A heroine to my daughter.

Before the big day arrived I had an important decision to make. The decision was which of my three daughters I would take. Would it be my oldest, my Merida? Or would it be one of the twins? However, having had a special “date” with the younger twin last Friday, and since my eldest is in the middle of finals, I opted for my “middle child”, my artist in the making. She had fallen in love with the trailers she had seen, and had been trying over several weeks to draw Merida’s beautiful, curly locks. “It’s so hard Mommy,” she said to me as we walked hand in hand to the theater. “Don’t worry,” I replied. “You will get a good long look at them tonight.” Even though we were on our way to see the story of Merida, the heroine of the film, I was my daughter’s heroine last night. That made the evening worth it.

As the movie started, we were thrown back in time into the wilds of the Scottish highlands. In 3D, we literally soared over mountains, around mystical standing stone circles, and through ancient forests where the Scottish people once searched for and found their fate and their magic.  As we flew, prophetic words of one’s fate being tied to the land and to one’s will washed over us, and the story of an intelligent, strong and beautiful young girl began.

I am not generally a fan of 3D movies, being just as happy to see such magnificent animation in 2D. But, as I mentioned in my earlier post about Brave (http://www.mommylogue.com/2012/06/merida-a-new-heroine/), there is something about those isles that captures my spirit. And so my daughter and I were enveloped in incredible 3D animation that only Disney Pixar can create. As I watched tiny, blue “will-o’-the-wisps” flicker on screen leading Merida to her fate, I wondered if Pixar Animation Studios own artists and engineers bare a flickering light in their own minds and hearts. It takes greater skill than a steady hand or computer savvy to come up with such a beautiful and meaningful tale. It takes a heart. It takes lots and lots of hearts… and magic.

I don’t intend to throw any spoilers in this post, and I don’t want to share anything beyond what the trailers may have already tempted you with. (Pardon the dangling preposition.) But what I can say is that the movie presents the classic struggle of a young woman entering early adulthood and being faced with her own decision of either following a path carved out for her over centuries of tradition, or following her wisps to her own future. There is also a classic conflict with a parent which is handled thoughtfully and endearingly. And for those of us, like me, with daughters moving ever more closely to the edge of young adulthood, it elicits keen feelings of both loss and triumph. The girls learn that such inner turmoil can be handled intelligently and with care, and we mothers learn that it is a credit to us when our daughters let go of our skirts and become their own women.

But all this sentimentality does not mean there is nothing for the boys. There is, there is! There’s “plenty o’ brawls”, hi-jinx, chases and an occasional bared bottom or two to keep them laughing. And there are a few “scary” moments which are quickly resolved but which will also keep them stuck to their seats. There were precious few people heading to the bathroom during the movie in our packed theater! And even the witch… er, woodcarver, woodcarver!… is lovable in her own way.

Brave is a movie for the whole family, Dads, Moms, brothers and sisters. Be good and catch it when it comes out on June 22, 2012.

This morning my daughter practiced drawing Merida’s curls over breakfast. Aw, wee lamb.


I was not paid or asked to write about the movie Brave. I am writing this post because I LOVED the movie, and because I am grateful for having been provided with a chance to see it in preview by the fine folks at Disney.