Welcome to Mommylogue. It is the culmination of numerous years of experience, analysis and introspection. I have had a wide ranging and interesting professional life in which I have worked in the public sector, the private sector, the manufacturing sector, the health care sector, the online sector and  finally the mommy sector. That’s A LOT of sectors. All these sectors have provided me with much fodder. Sectors and fodder are the stuff of great blogs.

So who am I? Let’s start by who I am not. I am not an expert in anything other than myself, and even that’s a bit dodgy.  However, I do have a lot of opinions about things. I also have a sense of humor which I like to interject into my opinions. Those things about which I have the strongest opinions lie in the realm of my interests, and my interests are rather varied. Specifically, my areas of interest are photography, travel, food, music,  reality television and gaming. I like to consider myself an aesthete, though the “reality television” and “gaming” throws a monkey wrench right into the works, doesn’t it.

I am a person who finds amusement in everyday life and in the most mundane objects. This sometimes causes me to ponder the most minute life events which often causes my friends and sister to think I’m a little nuts. “Naive” is a word I frequently hear tossed about concerning me, as well.

I am also the product of a Spanish-speaking household whose family comes from Puerto Rico and Spain. Herein lies another great source of fodder for my blog. I am bicultural which really means I wasn’t like the other kids in my neighborhood growing up. (Definitely have some reflections to share there.) In fact, from time to time I will write in Spanish in this blog. If I do, don’t panic. I’ll ‘splain at the end. Likewise, “latino-nature” = more fodder.

So what is Mommylogue about? It’s about sectors, fodder, opinions, humor, photography, travel, food, music, reality television, gaming, the mundane, Spanish and more.